I’m Des, thank you so very much for joining me today.
Honestly, I am not a normal person at all. So if you think I am weird that is completely fine and I do not blame you whatsoever!

Here is some info about me ~

I absolutely adore astrology. I think it is super neat to read about!
I am a sun Virgo, moon Pisces, and my ascendant is Leo.
My favorite colors are green, black, and gold. My favorite decor is anything autumn themed.
Favorite animals include both fictional and non-fictional creatures.
Cats, foxes, dragons, birds.
My hobbies, if you can even call them hobbies, are watching Netflix, (by Netflix, I mean The Office. US version, obviously.) starting projects and never finishing them, complaining about life, and sometimes reading!
I also take book pictures every other blue moon, and you can find me on the basic social media for book lovers.
Please feel free to message me! I sometimes like making friends 😀

Thanks for reading ❤

– Des

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