Welcome to 2019

Happy new year my darlings!

I absolutely cannot believe that 2018 is over.
January took forever, we seem to have skipped over February, March, April, and May. Then it was my fiance’s birthday in June, July came and went. My birthday was in August, then it was autumn. Halloween and Thanksgiving flew by, and then Christmas and New Years!

I am so thankful for 2018.
I was able to move out of my parent’s house in April, I finally left the retail scene and settled into a full time job. I started setting up my book room (disorganized and half empty shelves pictured above).
We celebrated our one year anniversary in October, a month later we were engaged! I got the idea to start a candle company, still in progress, and now I have a blog!
Family time was nice, we saw my California family for a late Thanksgiving, and celebrated Christmas with my fiance’s family.
The best thing to top off the end of the year, is my recent promotion at my job. I feel a lot better about my job now!
I am so grateful for all the things that have happened this past year.
I am patiently waiting to see what all of my future accomplishments will be, and the wonderful things that will happen this year.

I am looking forward to (hopefully) staying consistent with blog posts, writing in my one year writer’s journal, and actually achieving my 50 book reading goal!
Other than that we hope to add a new member to our family by adopting a pet, upgrade some things around the house, and just overall be more positive and happier this year.

Cheers to another year!
We can do anything we set our minds to!
What are some goals you are hoping to accomplish this year?

– Des

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