Q & A; January 3rd

Hello my darlings.

I was actually quite happy with today’s prompt.
I absolutely love to think about past memories. Especially really cute or funny ones from when I was a child. Sometimes I just need the nostalgia from when I used to be so much younger. Not a care in the world.

Do you find yourself more stuck in the past, enjoying the present, or contemplating the future?

January 3;
Can you summon what you believe to be your earliest memory?
Why do you think you remembered that of all things?
I have always told people that my earliest memory is the day of my 4th birthday.
The details are a little hazy. I am unable to remember if I had just woken up for the day or
if I had woken from a nap. Either way I remember stumbling into the kitchen where my mom
was making my birthday cake. It is somewhat vague here as well, I cannot recall exactly what cake
she was making, or if it was her first time making this specific cake. All I can say is that I pulled up
our wooden stool and asked if I could help.
As for the cake, I believe she was creating this fun "pool cake". With blue jell-o showing in the middle
as a pool, gummy bears in the pool as if they were swimming, and laying on the sides sun-bathing.
I have no idea why that specific memory has stuck with me, or if it's even real.
Seems very dream like.

I have included a picture of me around the age of 4 above. I cannot quite pinpoint my exact age there, but I do believe it was around that time.
I have also included a picture of a birthday party at an older age below, 9 this time, where my mom made me yet another pool cake!
It was my favorite birthday cake ever.
Thank you mom!

– Des

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4 thoughts on “Q & A; January 3rd

      1. I have this fleeting memory of playing on this old metal yellow slide with a friend of mine when I think I was about four. I remember we were watching this hawk circle overheard (or some kind of large bird) and how I was teasing her about how it was deciding which one of us to snatch up. I think I might have been four or five at the time.

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