Q & A; January 4th

Hello my darlings!
I had a very long day so I will be keeping this post short.
The weekend after the holidays is tiring, lots of craziness just a few days earlier. I hope everybody has been able to rest up, I know I am completely exhausted!

Have you ever personified an inanimate object?

(Disclaimer, this is not my image. Credit to whoever took this photo.)
January 4;
The wind whipped up and the hillside raised its hackles.
Can you come up with a few descriptions that ascribe an animalistic
quality to something that doesn't breathe?
The river roared loudly, threatening to swallow everyone up who mistakenly
missed the warning before the waterfall.
The wind howled through the trees, accompanying the perilous cascade of water.
They raged on, hand in hand as partners, assigning themselves a wicked duty.
Far down below, safely past the wicked wind and waterfall, the trees and river sighed
with relief. Strolling lazily through their forest.
Some of the trees like to tickle their feet in the stream, stretching out their long roots
in the water, taunting and flirting with it. Oh how these two would spend their
day, gazing lovingly at each other through the nights and days.

I realize now that I didn’t quite grasp the aspect of “animalistic” through the whole story. However, I do like the cutesy feel for the short end of the tale.
I will admit that I found this prompt quite difficult as well, it is actually quite hard to personify things.

– Des

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