Q & A; January 6th

Hello darlings,
I actually had quite a hard time with today’s prompt.
I don’t really find myself staring at people trying to figure out how to describe them, and plus there are a lot of people in this picture so it was quite a daunting task for me.

How would you describe yourself?

January 6;
Using the same photo from yesterday, describe the people in the picture as if
you're seeing them for the first time.
I will go from left to right.
He looks very manly, but he has a friendly face. She has a lovely smile, and look.
The four littles look so similar, you would almost immediately know they are related.
My parents both have kind eyes, and genuine happiness seems to just be flowing out
of them. He is very tall, and seems cheerful, she is the same way but there is an extra beauty
there. The little one is adorable. He appears very nerdy, but he has a military look to him.
She has cute dimples, and seems very happy, and the little one looks like she is asleep.
The other three little ones are also obviously related, and they have adorable smiles.
He also looks nerdy, but also very handsome. She also has kind eyes, and a friendly face.
He has a very sunshine like grin, and a manly beard. She has a mature beauty and grace,
and the little guy is not paying attention.

So there you go!
I actually did not like this one today at all. But I powered through anyway! Even if it was a little boring and painful lol.

– Des

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One thought on “Q & A; January 6th

  1. Where was your description? Is this you: “She also has kind eyes, and a friendly face.” If so what you could of said is “She has one of those smiles which makes the person viewing it feel like they are one of the most special people in the world!”

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