Q & A; January 8th

Hello my darlings,
The prompt still plays on memory, but this one is a little more fun than the last two that I had to do!
I have a lot of weird scars and stories, one from boiling water, another from being pinned between a treadmill and a wall, another from a sharp corner, one from my mom accidentally tripping me when I was a toddler, and I actually love my scars. They tell stories, they show I survived little (and big) things.

Do you have scars? What do you think of them?

(As you can see above MY right eyebrow, so on the left side of the screen.
There is a long, but healed, scar.)
January 8;
Every scar tells a story. Write the story of a scar you know well--yours or someone else's
I have a lot of scars. Some are self-inflicted from when I was younger and depression had
a strong hold on my life. Some are from my insane lack of grace and my clumsy ways.
There is a scar on my forehead though, it truly is a fun story now that I am older. I know
a lot of people consider their scars to be ugly. Whether it is from self-harm, accidents, or just
stretch marks. Scars who your strength, they show that you are a survivor and a warrior.
A winner against battles. Anyway, my scar on my forehead is from when I was about 5, I
want to say? We had a tree swing, hand fashioned, and my brother was swinging and told
me not to come near and I wanted to go around the corner of the house and the next thing
I knew, I was half walking, half being dragged as my brother took me to my parents. I had
been hit full on, and I remember watching blood drip from my face onto the floor. I had to
have stitches and it's still there.

(I didn't have space on the journal page, but I will add that this was an accident. He couldn't
control what direction he went and it swung around and hit me.)

I absolutely loved writing my story today! I think this is the story that I will remember forever. I still have that scar to this day. I don’t think it will ever disappear to be honest. It hasn’t gone anywhere so far!

Another scar is the one on my lip. I said above my mom accidentally tripped me, and that’s how I got one on my bottom lip. I actually really like that scar, I’m not sure why. She had her legs stretched out and I tripped on them, and when I fell I hit the corner of the coffee table, but I was totally okay besides that.
The other is because I slipped and fell on the treadmill and there was just enough space between the wall and the end of the treadmill for me to slip into and I ended up getting a pretty bad tread burn on my thigh. Hurt so bad whenever we had to change the bandages.
The last one I mentioned was when I was helping my mom make ramen (I think) in the kitchen. I saw everybody put a fork over the lid after they poured the hot water in but my mom put the kettle on it. So I tried to move it off the ramen and I believe the whole thing fell on me, previously boiling water and all. I was wearing these shorts that were cut off just above the knee, and so on my one leg that was burned there is this faint line separating somewhat tanner skin than the other side.

I love my scars!

– Des

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One thought on “Q & A; January 8th

  1. I have a scar on my left pinkie from a family reunion where my sister and I took a squirt bottle and were trying to spray seagulls. She wouldn’t let me have a turn so I took it from her and when she took it back the “trigger” part ripped the skin from the base of my pinkie about half way up.
    My right pinkie also has a scar from when I was drinking one Christmas and playing board games with my family. We are really competitive. I went to grab my drink but tipped it over. I managed to wrap my hand on it and pretty much slam it into the table. It cut my pinkie in this weird, deep jagged way and my mom and I were amazed at the bit of muscle and tendon poking out. The rest of my family were disgusted lol


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