Q & A; January 11th

Hello my darlings!
Today the challenge was a little different.
So with the help of some lovely volunteers (aka; my beautiful friends xx) I was able to do this prompt!

How would your friends describe you to a stranger?

This is me sitting in a weird roller chair at an art museum.
January 11;
How would your friends describe you to a stranger?
"Des is: Loyal, kind, golden-hearted, thoughtful, genuine, the perfect friend."
- E

"I don't know you that well but you're so friendly, approachable and all round
lovely person."
- N

"She's a petite lil lady, with dark hair. And she's really sweet. And I think she's
kind of quiet, and reserved IRL but she'll chat up a storm with me if I get her on
a topic she likes."
- S

"I noticed initially how your eyes were able to convey both a sadness and yet a
profound ability to love unconditionally!"
- W

Thank you again to my friends for helping me do this. You are all wonderful people and I am so thankful to know you and chat with you.
I left the names out just in case. I kept the first letter though because I like the mystery. Also, I did not sort these intentionally by alphabetical order. That happened without me knowing about it until I was writing the answers in my journal.

I guess the Virgo side of me knew what she was doing haha.

– Des

Here is the link to buy your own writing journal;
Q&A a day for Writers: 1 Year Journal

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