Q & A; January 13th

Hello my darlings,
I really tanked this challenge. My brain doesn’t seem to be working the way I wish it would, lately. So the prompt for the 13th is a little dull and I am not sure I grasped the concept as best as I could. Sorry ) :

What book inspires you?

January 13;
Writers from Stephen King to William Faulkner have stressed the connection between
being a good reader and being a good writer. Spend a few moments writing about a 
book that inspires you.
I think one book that has always stuck with me would be "Everything, Everything" by
Nicola Yoon. I just found myself drawing in immediately by all of the characters. I was
immersed in the story line and by the end I was in tears. Her OCs were inspiring, and
just wonderfully unique.
Another one that claimed my soul was "The Hearts We Sold" by Emily Lloyd-Jones. I
felt so torn apart, yet satisfied. The personalities were so diverse, and relatable.
I also loved the first book in the Divergent series. The plot was so different and I
always feel this overwhelming sure of inspiration and joy whenever I think about it.

I should have expanded more when describing why those stories were so inspirational to me.

Everything, Everything is a little harder to describe. I just love that teenage romance, where they sweep you off your feet and take you away from the world you so desperately hate. It is grounded more in a fairy tale, and I know a lot of us like that. The world can be rough, more often than not and being able to imagine something different, and less painful is a get away. It inspired me to imagine my own fairy tale. Who would I want to sweep me off my feet? Where would I want to be taken? It just drew me in and I found myself longing for more after I finished the book.

The Hearts We Sold isn’t super inspirational to me, but it is in that general area of “I really enjoyed this book, this will stick with me”. I tend to forget the exact feelings I have in the moment I’m reading, whenever it is after the fact. It is hard to tap into those past emotions. I do know I liked the more unique perspective and story in this book. I would really have to re-read it to explain why I found it inspirational.

For the last one…
I thought Divergent was such a fresh perspective in the dystopian area. Yes, in certain aspects it is very similar to the Hunger Games, and literally any other novels that segment society into groups. But I just liked the fact that when they were old enough, they were able to choose where they wanted to belong. They could stay in their old faction, or they could try a new one that they think fits them. The thrill of “where would I want to belong?”. However, I only felt the inspiration from the first book. The rest of the series really fell flat for me and I kind of wish I hadn’t wasted my time reading the second and third book. This should have been more of a duology rather than a trilogy.

So there you go. A more in depth look at the books that inspire me a little bit more than others that I have read. Although most of the books I take the time to read end up being good.
(Not talking about you Divergent series. Tsk. Tsk.)

– Des

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