Welcome to the Foxxhole

Dearest visitor,

Welcome! My name is Desiree, and I would like to personally thank you for joining me on this new and rather exciting part of this journey we call life.

You might be asking yourself… Why the heck did you start a blog?

To be honest I am not entirely sure, however earlier this week I found myself in quite the predicament. I was filling out a job application for an online company that focused on posting blog reviews and social media reviews for smaller businesses. This company helped raise the ratings for these underdogs, growing their positive reviews, and establishing a nice online presence.

It sounded like quite a neat job, I would be able to work from home with somewhat flexible hours, and all I would be doing is writing! Pretty neat, huh?

Well… It would have been.

Except I have absolutely zero experience in blogging.

I used to write back in high school, 18 pages of written material per year, yuck, but the schoolwork unfortunately turned me away from a possible writing path. It is not fun having to incorporate your favorite hobbies with necessary school work. (I’m looking at you, book reports!)

So I found myself over-thinking, as I tend to do, about hobbies, careers, life. You know, basically falling into an existensial crisis. When I figured hey, why not start a blog?

So yeah, that’s basically it for reasons I started a blog.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and other content (not sure what other content I would post) and thank you so very much for joining me on this journey!

That is… if you decided to join me!

With love,