Q & A; January 12th

Hello my darlings,
Forgive my procrastination. I wasted my weekend doing absolutely nothing because I was tired, Monday came and went, but now I am back and there is a lot to catch up on!
Yay me, lol.

I recently decided I want to tap into my Deutsche heritage.
My parents submitted a DNA test a couple weeks ago and finally received the results. I have no idea how German I am, but I know that I must be at least 20%. So with that being said…
I created a Deutsche character, and I actually am really loving her!

What would your own Γ©minence grise look like?

(photo taken by me back in 2013)
January 12;
A first lady is sometimes referred to as an Γ©minence grise when she uses her position
of influence to affect policy without an official title. Create an Γ©minence grise character
who could powerfully, but quietly, shift the plotline of a novel.
Klara Fuchs was the Herzogin (duchess) of Wiesbaden, Germany. She had been married to
Niklas Fuchs for only three years now, but it felt like forever. Niklas took Klara everywhere.
Every meeting, every journey, everywhere. They had been together since they were young,
but only three years ago did they finally wed. Niklas never made a decision without Klara.
They were a strong, inseparable duo. In the meetings, Niklas was the voice for the two, but
afterwards Klara was the reasoning. Every bone in her body was full of wsidom. She was
gentle though, never aggressive or prideful. Her grace and elegance was like none before her,
yet you would never see an arrogant or conceited gaze upon her face. She was a fly on the wall,
always in her thoughts but never lost.

I am actually kind of in love with this.
Did I just make a possible story, and a new character?? I think so!

– Des

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