Q & A; January 4th

Hello my darlings!
I had a very long day so I will be keeping this post short.
The weekend after the holidays is tiring, lots of craziness just a few days earlier. I hope everybody has been able to rest up, I know I am completely exhausted!

Have you ever personified an inanimate object?

(Disclaimer, this is not my image. Credit to whoever took this photo.)
January 4;
The wind whipped up and the hillside raised its hackles.
Can you come up with a few descriptions that ascribe an animalistic
quality to something that doesn't breathe?
The river roared loudly, threatening to swallow everyone up who mistakenly
missed the warning before the waterfall.
The wind howled through the trees, accompanying the perilous cascade of water.
They raged on, hand in hand as partners, assigning themselves a wicked duty.
Far down below, safely past the wicked wind and waterfall, the trees and river sighed
with relief. Strolling lazily through their forest.
Some of the trees like to tickle their feet in the stream, stretching out their long roots
in the water, taunting and flirting with it. Oh how these two would spend their
day, gazing lovingly at each other through the nights and days.

I realize now that I didn’t quite grasp the aspect of “animalistic” through the whole story. However, I do like the cutesy feel for the short end of the tale.
I will admit that I found this prompt quite difficult as well, it is actually quite hard to personify things.

– Des

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Q & A; January 3rd

Hello my darlings.

I was actually quite happy with today’s prompt.
I absolutely love to think about past memories. Especially really cute or funny ones from when I was a child. Sometimes I just need the nostalgia from when I used to be so much younger. Not a care in the world.

Do you find yourself more stuck in the past, enjoying the present, or contemplating the future?

January 3;
Can you summon what you believe to be your earliest memory?
Why do you think you remembered that of all things?
I have always told people that my earliest memory is the day of my 4th birthday.
The details are a little hazy. I am unable to remember if I had just woken up for the day or
if I had woken from a nap. Either way I remember stumbling into the kitchen where my mom
was making my birthday cake. It is somewhat vague here as well, I cannot recall exactly what cake
she was making, or if it was her first time making this specific cake. All I can say is that I pulled up
our wooden stool and asked if I could help.
As for the cake, I believe she was creating this fun "pool cake". With blue jell-o showing in the middle
as a pool, gummy bears in the pool as if they were swimming, and laying on the sides sun-bathing.
I have no idea why that specific memory has stuck with me, or if it's even real.
Seems very dream like.

I have included a picture of me around the age of 4 above. I cannot quite pinpoint my exact age there, but I do believe it was around that time.
I have also included a picture of a birthday party at an older age below, 9 this time, where my mom made me yet another pool cake!
It was my favorite birthday cake ever.
Thank you mom!

– Des

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Q&A a day for Writers: 1 Year Journal

Q & A; January 2nd

Hello my darlings!
As promised, I will be sharing my daily writing prompts from the 1 year journal.

Today’s stumped me just a little bit, but my goal is to become a better writer so I will be able to overcome any baffling writing prompts.
What is something that has perplexed you while trying to write?

January 2;
Studies have shown that thousands of personality traits can be linked to handwriting.
For example, crowded letters indicate a person who has no concern for personal space.
Use a handwriting sample to inspire a character sketch.

It seems as though she tries to jot everything down before she forgets anything.
Her writing is hasty, it varies in size and space. She combines cursive with printing.
Almost as if she's not sure which one she prefers.
This could possibly play on her indecisiveness.
It is almost impossible to read her writing unless you are skilled in art of decoding.
You need a keen eye to properly see through the mess she considers her penmanship.

If there is anything she consistently apologizes for, it will always be her handwriting.

Thank you darlings, for taking the time to read my blog posts.
I appreciate it more than you know.

– Des

Here is the link to buy your own writing journal;
Q&A a day for Writers: 1 Year Journal

Q & A; January 1st

Hello my darlings!
So for one of my new year’s resolutions, I finally started this interactive writing journal!
It is called “Q&A a day for Writers: 1 Year Journal

I am so thrilled to start this writing journey! Writing used to be one of my favorite hobbies when I was younger, but unfortunately I was required to have 18 pages of written material every year during high school. So I kind of grew annoyed with writing. It takes a lot of creativity and brain power to write well. I didn’t want to use all of my energy writing for fun just to turn around and have to write for school as well, so I ended up not writing at all after high school. I have been out of high school for a year and a half now, and I must say I am starting to miss it.
Luckily, a family friend gifted me this wonderful writer’s journal as a graduation present back in June of 2017. I wasn’t able to start it last year, but I have started it this year! I cannot wait for all the writing prompts throughout the year, and I hope to purge my writer’s block fully.

I figured it might be nice to post these prompts, and my answers, on this blog for all to see.
Won’t you join me on this journey?

January 1;
In her essay "Fail Better," Zadie Smith says, "The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk
through my entire life."
Why do you write? What does it do for you?
I haven't always written.
I used to write because it was a way to create something that was my own. A way to escape the real
world. I wrote because it was exciting to come up with "new" words, new creatures, new worlds.
I stopped writing because it was too hard to escape the real world. Now I want to write to express
myself. I want to lay bare my thoughts, my struggles, feelings, goals. I want to create something
that I can remember. I want to be able to look back and compare where I was to where I am now.

I want to inspire myself to make mistakes, and despite those mistakes to keep moving on.

I write, to be better.

Thank you darlings, for taking the time to read my blog posts.
I am so inspired for this year, I cannot wait to see what we all will accomplish!

– Des

Welcome to 2019

Happy new year my darlings!

I absolutely cannot believe that 2018 is over.
January took forever, we seem to have skipped over February, March, April, and May. Then it was my fiance’s birthday in June, July came and went. My birthday was in August, then it was autumn. Halloween and Thanksgiving flew by, and then Christmas and New Years!

I am so thankful for 2018.
I was able to move out of my parent’s house in April, I finally left the retail scene and settled into a full time job. I started setting up my book room (disorganized and half empty shelves pictured above).
We celebrated our one year anniversary in October, a month later we were engaged! I got the idea to start a candle company, still in progress, and now I have a blog!
Family time was nice, we saw my California family for a late Thanksgiving, and celebrated Christmas with my fiance’s family.
The best thing to top off the end of the year, is my recent promotion at my job. I feel a lot better about my job now!
I am so grateful for all the things that have happened this past year.
I am patiently waiting to see what all of my future accomplishments will be, and the wonderful things that will happen this year.

I am looking forward to (hopefully) staying consistent with blog posts, writing in my one year writer’s journal, and actually achieving my 50 book reading goal!
Other than that we hope to add a new member to our family by adopting a pet, upgrade some things around the house, and just overall be more positive and happier this year.

Cheers to another year!
We can do anything we set our minds to!
What are some goals you are hoping to accomplish this year?

– Des