Q & A; January 10th

Hello my darlings!
My writing challenge was especially fun today.
I feel more alive now than I have in the past 2-3 years to be quite honest. I never realized how much writing truly affected me. It has been so long since I wrote an actual short story or something in that regard.
I have missed it immensely and I thoroughly enjoy what I just wrote.
You will not be able to tell, but I might be smiling while writing this!

What do you think of challenges and prompts that make you use only certain words, or have you describe things in a particular way?

January 10;
The word set has over 440 different uses in the English language.
Challenge yourself to fill this space using set in as many ways as possible.
She held a determined face as she set fire to her old things. If she wanted to start out
fresh, then her mind would have to be set on the future, not the past. In a way, she set
sail on her journey. Truly dedicated to this different life. She turned towards the setting
sun and sighed. She felt free, as if everything was finally falling in place.
Later she boarded the train, heading towards her shared cabin. When she slid open the
door, she was relieved to find it vacant. That gave her time to set aside some of her newly
valuable items.
After her things were tucked away, she plopped herself down next to the window. She set
her eyes on the farthest part of the beautiful scenery before her. The sun had set, but the
moonlight cast a breathtaking glow on the water and along the forest. The stars twinkled
brilliantly, dotted in the sky as if someone had set them in place one by one.

I am actually thinking of writing a short story based around the paragraphs I wrote above. I found myself intrigued by my own story as I was writing it.
If I decide to write it, I will post it on my Wattpad and I will be sure to link it here!
Would you guys be interested in reading a story based on what I wrote above?

– Des

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