Q & A; January 7th

Hello my darlings,
Another long day, and late night post.

Honestly, these writing prompts are testing my patience. I want to write but some of these are so boring or hard to accomplish. All I can do is push through.

What is the strangest or funniest thing you have seen in the past week?

(Picture is not mine)
January 7;
Think over the past week. What was the strangest or funniest thing you witnessed?
I actually have a horrific short term memory so I am gonna have to think about
this for a long time, and even then I probably am not gonna be able to think of
anything. There are a lot of funny videos on the internet, if that counts. Strange
ones too. But that probably doesn't count.
I don't have much, the only things that happened since new years. I go to work,
chill out on the weekends. Grocery shopping on the weekends as well. I see a lot
of car accidents on the roadΒ everydayΒ like no joke. Work is boring, not much to talk
about. Walmart is... Walmart. Always weird stuff happening.
Yeah I have nothing for today's prompt. Oops.

Like I said, writing seems to be getting harder now. The prompts have been super boring and just uninteresting. I hope they start to get better! I just want to write, not always about memories. I have a really bad memory, short term anyway.

– Des

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