Q & A; January 9th

Hello my darlings,
I know this is completely random, but I find myself quite annoyed with something. It seems that the only way I am able to describe these daily blog posts related to my writing journal, is by calling them “today’s prompt” or “this prompt”. I know this is an unusual thing to be annoyed by, but I enjoy using different words and sentences whenever possible. I avoid repeating the same phrase whenever possible.

However, like I said I have only been able to describe these posts in that way. I will do my best to come up with different wording so I don’t annoy myself to death.

Without further ado, here is yesterday’s prompt! (Haha)
I had fun with this one, with the risk of sounding narcissistic and vain I actually thoroughly enjoy writing about my experiences. But doesn’t everybody?

What does music do for you?
Do you have a special connection to it?

January 9;
Someone* once said, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."
Try it anyway.
(*There is more than one apocryphal story of where this quote came from.)
I have always loved music. Not necessarily writing or playing it, but rather enjoying songs and albums
from artists. When you have an emotional, or mental, connection with music it's just so different.
You can feel it in your soul. Your heart is the beat, the lyrics are the blood flowing through your veins.
You are the music, in a sense. It is something so indescribable, so inexplicable.
I find myself swaying with songs, tapping my foot or mouthing the words. Different beats make you
feel different ways. I feel hyper listening to dubstep and rap, I feel mellowed when listening to classical
or soft dubstep. I can feel and portray, the emotion in sad songs. It sends you to a completely different
place. It can help you forget, or it can make you remember.
That is why I love music.

I know, I know.
I am late at posting this!
I am not procrastinating, the time is just flying by super fast right now and I am not sure how. I am being bested by it, but I will catch up.
I am determined, haha.

– Des

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