Q & A; January 5th

Hello my darlings!
I am so excited for today’s prompt. I have a very odd memory, sometimes bad sometimes good, and it is interesting for me as I try to recall things that have happened in the past. For instance, today’s prompt is picking out a family photo and describing things that are happening outside of the picture. I hope that while helping me become a better writer, these prompts will also sharpen my memory.

Are you great, or horrible at remembering things?

California Thanksgiving 2018
January 5;
Select a family photo, then write about the things you can't see in the picture.
What you see pictured above is an entire family thanksgiving portrait. We celebrated
a full one together because we don't all live in the same state.
I am the youngest of five. Two boys and three girls. All of my siblings, their spouses, and kids
are in the photo. As well as my love, and my siblings' and my parents.
What you can't see, is the camera set up on a tripod taking this photo. There is a german
shepherd, Ruka, wandering the backyard, and a playground to the left. You can't see the
delicious spread of food in the kitchen, which we ate right after this picture was taken.
You can't see the festively decorated dining table where we sat and mingled during
dinner, and you can't see that the TV is on and playing either some Christmas movie
or something turned on for the kids.

I have noticed that my blog posts are usually at night. Which I don’t really love because that’s usually when people are sleeping…
I think this is because I have to prepare the right mindset for writing. I can’t just dive straight into it all the time. So by the time I am ready, the day is gone. Sometimes however, I will be done writing my prompt, but then I will have to get the blog post together and publish it.
At least I am getting it done, right?
Better late than never!

– Des

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